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Comic Creator, Colorist, Editor, Husband, Father.

Welcome! Feel free to browse the site to learn more about me, my self-publishing imprint Cosmic Roots Studio, purchase some of my books, sign up for my newsletter and receive FREE comics, and or hire me to fill your coloring and/or creative needs.

Savage Sasquanaut (now available)

Bigfoot is lost in space! Enjoy his humorous & sensational adventure of aliens, betrayal, spaceships, empires, & arm wrestling!

Wes Hartman’s Sky Sharks (now available)

A family of dieselpunk adventurers in a high-flying, high-octane, high adventure! Co-created with Inkpot Award winning, and record setting creator, Fred Perry.

Graveyard Orbit (coming soon)

This sci-fi horror thriller of salvagers who uncover a deadly threat on a high-risk high-reward job.

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