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I’m Wes Hartman, comic book CREATOR, EDITOR, and an award-winning comic book COLORIST (BD Price Audience Award 2010 for best color), and most importantly a HUSBAND and FATHER.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the biggest and best talent at Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Aspen, Dynamite, Archie, and every other major U.S. publisher, and some of my work has been featured in TV, film, and video games.

Some of my creations (and co-creations) and credits include Savage Sasquanaut, Sky Sharks, Moon Streak, Gears & Bones, Pirates vs. Ninjas, and more.

My career in comics began when I was 20 years old as I was attending a local college, I became an intern for local publisher ANTARCTIC PRESS where I spent my days off of school and was shown the ropes of what it takes to put out new comics every week and month.

For 13 years I spent my days at Antarctic Press and moved from an unpaid intern to VP of Production.

As VP of Production, I oversaw the day-to-day operation of the studio as well as the completion of the prepress, production, and advertisements in the issues and graphic novels. AP was a special place that I hold closely. I learned so much there, more than just making comics, and I will always remember the great times we had, but I will always cherish the knowledge I gained their creating SKY SHARKS, writing I HUNT MONSTERS, co-creating PIRATES VS. NINJAS, and editing and writing countless other titles.

During my time at Antarctic Press, I also became an apprentice of the GURU-eFX coloring studio and began working with them on coloring countless comics for MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT.

The very first page in a MARVEL comic I colored was for a VENOM series, and from there I managed to color every Marvel character I ever dreamed of working on. From an extensive run as the lead colorist on MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN, to IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, X-MEN, NOVA, DAREDEVIL, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, PUNISHER, and so many more.

GURU-eFX led me to become a freelance color artist on my own which then landed me work with DC COMICS, IDW, ZENESCOPE, ASPEN, DARK HORSE, and more including titles for a European Publisher.

My time as a freelance colorist has allowed me to work on more of my favorite comic characters and properties that most people only get to dream of being a part of. For DC COMICS I was able to work on BATMAN, SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN LANTERN. They also provided me opportunities to work on some of the biggest licenses I could imagine including GATORADE in partnership with the NFL and NBA, as well as some of my favorite video games and TV Shows at the time like GEARS OF WAR, CHUCK, BURN NOTICE, GOD OF WAR and STAR TREK.

In 2014 I helped start a new comic book publisher called GUARDIAN KNIGHT COMICS that was short lived but immensely educational.

At GKC I served as EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and Co-Chief Creative Officer for nearly 2 years, where we developed and created MOON STREAK and GEARS & BONES, and released SANITARIUM (based on the award winning independent film). And it was during this time, while creating MOON STREAK with Austin Rogers and Apple De La Fuente that I was introduced to Harvey Talibao. Harvey’s student, GAB SANTOS, became the artist for my next creator owned comic SAVAGE SASQUANAUT and this title and artist are instrumental to my current endeavors as a self publishing creator.

From 2017 to the present, I have refocused my energy and my career towards MY creations like SAVAGE SASQUANAUT and the numerous other titles I have in production at COSMIC ROOTS STUDIO.

COSMIC ROOTS STUDIO is my imprint, my brand, where I will be self publishing and producing all my creative works. To date I have released SAVAGE SASQUANAUT volume 1, I have announced a new sci-fi horror comic called GRAVEYARD ORBIT, and have other unannounced projects in development. To date, I am still working as a freelance color artist, mostly for likeminded independent creators

To date, I am still working as a freelance color artist for other independent comic creators in addition to developing my own work. But my most important job right now is to care for, and raise our young daughter Kaylee along with my beautiful wife Lissa.