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I’m Wes Hartman, comic book CREATOR, EDITOR, and an award-winning comic book COLORIST (BD Price Audience Award 2010 for best color), and most importantly a HUSBAND and FATHER.

With 20 years of experience, Wes has made an indelible mark as a creator, editor, and award-winning colorist. His creative portfolio boasts titles like Savage Sasquanaut, Sky Sharks, Moon Streak, Pirates vs. Ninjas, and more.

Wes’s journey began as an intern at Antarctic Press, where he learned the ropes of comic book production. Over 13 years, he climbed the ranks from unpaid intern to VP of Production, overseeing the entire process of comic creation.

During that time with Antarctic Press, he also worked with the renowned GURU-eFX coloring studio. With GURU-eFX they made their mark on every major character for Marvel Comics before setting out on his own. His brush graced the pages of Marvel, DC, DARK HORSE, ASPEN, IDW, and many others and includes iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Batman were brought to life through his vibrant hues.

In 2014, Wes co-founded Guardian Knight Comics, a venture that birthed titles like Moon Streak and Gears & Bones. Today, he spearheads Cosmic Roots Studio, self-publishing creations like Savage Sasquanaut.

Amidst his creative pursuits, Wes cherishes his most important role as a husband and father.

His journey, still unfolding, continues to weave captivating tales in the comic book cosmos.